Friday, January 19, 2018

High Contrast - Paintings for Sale

Hi everybody! I would first like to take a moment to thank everyone for their views and their shares. I'm so proud of my work and I'm so excited to get it into your eyeballs and get you talking about it, it makes me immeasurably excited. It amazes me to realize how little of my art I have shared over the years, and I guess it shouldn't surprise me, since I hide it while I paint it then I hide it when it's done. But thank you for being such a generous audience and for allowing me a part of your day to show you what I've been up to these last few years.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to the next couple contestants. Today both paintings are of a similar theme but were completed maybe a year and a half to two years apart. I have not taken professional photos of either of them yet but these are what I do have and I hope you enjoy :)

I would like to make a quick mention before you continue, most of these paintings you can find in smaller print forms at my mom's Giftshop in Rosebud. Should you like one of my paintings but the vastness of the beauty is just too much for you to handle, stop in at the shop and grab a couple prints of your favorite pieces! Okay, shameless self-advertising aside..

I present to you:

Small Round Tree (SOLD)
Dimensions of 16" x 20",  less than 3/4" thick, and acrylic on canvas. It is moody, it is colourful, it is textured, and it is marvelous.

Here you have:

Blue Root
Dimensions of 16" x 20",  less than 3/4" thick, acrylic on canvas. Again, I don't have a professional photo as of yet, but I will, I may even post it on here, and you can find the prints in my mom's shop. Again with the contrast and strong use of colour, and I went a bit overboard with the boarder but I absolutely love the effect. I may have to make more intense boarders as I sell my art and make more!

Both pieces I'm selling for a negotiable $150.00, should someone feel compelled to get them as a set, I would love to give you a great deal :) Let me know, please share if you know someone who may need these in their life, and thanks, as ever, for viewing!!

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